Interesting Facts About the Adult Industry

The adult industry is right at the top in terms of revenue, demand, employment and various other categories. Through time their operations have become more open, and multiple people have come forward to get themselves enrolled. Since all such activities have happened gradually, it’s no surprise that facts have also come into the picture. Going from their operations, procedures to impacts, we have put together a list that covers everything. Hence, here are some interesting facts about the adult industry.

1. The Condemn Law

Thanks to the extent of the graphic content, the state of California put forward a law, i.e. known as the condemn law. It states that all intimate scenes need to use condoms. For all the right reasons, this law did not sit well with the adult industry. But all their actions to appeal the ruling did not work, and it went on to take control. As a result, many production companies shifted their base from California to other places like Las Vegas.

2. Addicts

The availability and accessibility of porn can cause certain disadvantages like addiction, and various individuals tend to face the same. In America alone, around 200,000 individuals are considered to be addicts. But one cannot blame it all on porn because it also depends upon the individual.

3. Gender Roles

A lot of people believe that porn is discriminatory, and employment opportunities are always based on gender. But that perception is wrong since there are women who also work behind the camera. Yes, that’s right. Be it production or other kinds of activities; various women are employed to do so.

4. One in Five

Most of the statements that start with ‘one in five’ tend to talk about a particular statistic or point that is a fact. On that note, you need to know that every one in five mobile device searches centres around adult content. This tends to go ahead and prove the number of people who watch porn.

5. 37 Videos

Since adult content is readily available, have you ever thought about its production? Well, if you haven’t, then we have an interesting fact for you. Around 37 new videos are created in the United States daily. The main reason behind the same is due to the kind of demand that porn faces.

6. A Global Net Worth

With production and demand rising one after the other, it wouldn’t come as a surprise that the porn industry has a net worth that is in billions. But if you are surprised and more facts, then you need to know that the porn industry is worth around $97 billion. Shocked? Surprised? Well, you better be because our list has come to an end.